Advertising on Bags as a Medium of Brand Promotion: Here’s Why Going Green Will Top The Experience!

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Having read enough about the consequences of climate change and being constantly educated about it through various media has turned the wise Australian into an empathetic, nature-loving person who now takes active measures to protect the earth and preserve the ecosystem in every way possible. One such measure that has been adopted by retailers and customers alike is the Green Bag Revolution, where people have bid goodbye to plastic bags and are taking conscious efforts to reuse and recycle carry bags whenever possible.

Now as a retailer wishing to expand your business and improve upon your marketing strategies, you might consider printing your brand name and logos on to the carry bags that are being used by the customers. This works effectively in more than one way- not only does your brand name catch the eye of more people, it subconsciously habituates your customers to keep coming back to you. How about you take this up a notch and attract the right customers- the ones who care about the environment just like you do?

One effective way by which you can do this is to advertise your brand logo on to the Green bags. And why would you do this?

The nature loving and aware customers usually reuse their bags as a part of the GBR; which means that for quite some time, they are going to be seeing you brand logo/name as well as carrying it about for others to notice.

Moreover if you are using excellent quality bags that are sturdy and durable; such as those made from jute, etc., you will be guaranteeing that you do your part for the environment as well. The materials such as hemp when used to make the green bags add to the overall cost of the bag since the fabric has to be imported.

Another major advantage of using green bags for brand promotion is that these bags are entirely customisable. You can design it as you want and add any details about where to find you and how to contact you on these bags. Furthermore, these bags are generally much stronger than the regular single use ones that cannot be recycled either. Some of these can easily carry upto 10 kgs of weight following which they can be reused without any damage having been done to the bag. They remain in the same shape and retain their strength and durability even after multiple reuses. What’s even better is, you can place your food directly in contact with the bag and rest assured there’s no harm that is going to occur to them because being environment friendly means that these bags are devoid of hazardous chemicals that usually go into manufacturing non biodegradable bags.

It is high time for us all to take a step to save our environment. Reach out and become a part of the green bag revolution right away. It benefits you, your customer and the planet.