Go Green With Eco Friendly Bags

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Be The Change the Environment Needs You to Be

Global warming and climate change, directly anyway, have stopped hitting the deadlines and being ‘news’ now. Because that is exactly how far we have pushed it. All around the globe, the effects of the climate change are being experienced by those who did not play any role in causing it whatsoever. It is officially safe to say we have caused enough damage to the environment that is going to definitely last longer than our lifetime.

However, things are definitely taking an upturn as people are slowly coming to their senses about the damage that has been done.

Many measures are being actively taken to remedy the damage that has been done to the environment and now you get to be a part of it! Join our hands and take part in the Green Bag Revolution. It is high time we did something.

To start with let us get to know the types of bags available to us-

The Different Types of Eco Friendly Bags
You will be surprised as to just how many options of environment-friendly alternatives are available, once the bad plastic is effectively out of the equation.

There are varieties that are reusable infinitely, recyclable to the fullest extent, among others. Let us explore a couple of prominent varieties so you can make a suitable choice that benefits just about everyone!

Reusable Ones Made From Fabric
The fabric used to design these bags could be cotton, hemp, jute, etc – all of which are natural fibres.

Now each of these materials have their own merits and demerits.

Let’s take the cotton ones and the canvas ones to begin with. These are the most common types of reusable bags made of natural fibres. The ones available to you might be made of recycled cotton or even organic cotton that prevents health hazards as an added benefit. For us to make sure that using these cotton bags are indeed compensating to the harm done by having used several plastic bags, it is recommended that each of these cotton bags be reused efficiently over 130 times, for every single use of a plastic bag. Cotton is a highly renewable material and available in plenty- the usage of this virtually does the environment no particular harm when reused enough times. These bags are easy to clean and can be added to your regular laundry.

You could opt for hemp bags instead of the cotton ones- they are much stronger. This is usually sold blended with cotton or recycled petroleum based fabrics (PET). While this fabric is easy to grow, it is not possible to do so locally and has to be imported which means that these bags are generally expensive.

Jute Bags on the other hand are relatively cheap, highly renewable and easily biodegradable. The material is sturdy making it reusable effectively.

Reusable Plastic Bags
There are some varieties of plastic bags that you can reuse without having to endure much guilt. Among these are the PET varieties which are made from recycled PET bottles and these are strong,

durable bags that are completely environment friendly. They reduce wastage and are often sold in combination with other materials such as hemp. Polypropylene bags are durable and of excellent strength. These are preferred by retailers because they are easily printable and customisable. However they are not easily recyclable.

So there we go. Now that you know all about how many different bags you could use instead of your plastics, what do you think? Are you ready to make the shift towards a better tomorrow?